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About Us
    Rational Investing's predecessor firm was founded in January 1999, as a financial analytics and software engineering firm with a strong focus on securities analysis, trading, and ecommerce. It developed the current generation trading platform of FXCM, now the world's largest online FX dealer.
    Rational Investing has since focused entirely on valuation to support investment management and research. We support a variety of long only and hedge fund managers using our valuation system from offices in New York and Mumbai, India.

Manish Aurora
co-founded the firm and has managed its major projects. He designed the valuation template and information flow of the Rational Investing system based upon ideas developed a graduate student at the University of Chicago as well as trading an equity long/short book. Since 1996, he has worked as a risk management systems consultant to money-center banks and brokerages. His clients included JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Chase, and US Trust. He has worked at BlackRock Financial Management, Nomura Securities, Financial Sciences, and Microsoft. His experience includes massively parallel supercomputing, fixed income and FX derivatives, and firm-wide credit and market risk management. He has participated in and managed international teams for several successful software projects. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BS from the University of Scranton.
Pieter Hellquist
has over 25 years of experience in international financial markets. After 10 years with Reuters, where he was part of the management team building a $ 100+ mil. business in Japan, and another 10 years with Citibank, where he was responsible for the development of electronic trading solutions for FX and equities based in Australia and Europe, he became an entrepreneur. He co-founded an FX trading platform software house and later a recruitment consulting firm, before joining Rational Investing, where he currently is responsible for fundamental research in support of our quantitative portfolio construction. He has an MBA from INSEAD, a Master of Industrial Engineering from Sweden and a degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris. He has lived in seven countries and speaks five languages.
Harbhajan Aurora
co-founded the firm and manages its Mumbai offices. He directly oversees the analyst team and has built several hundred valuations of US firms. This is his third career and second successful entrepreneurial venture. He built and ran a textile manufacturing and trading business for 20 years in Mumbai before formally learning programming in 1998. Prior to that he was the manager of Chicago Pneumatic’s North Indian marketing and operations, responsible for a staff of 30 professionals selling and servicing a variety of machinery for large infrastructure projects. He holds a BS in Engineering from the University of Punjab.

    Rational Investing LLC
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