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1. We generally trade stocks we talk about. Our view is our money should be where our mouths are. If we didn't invest in a stock we recommend, it is because one of us went to Atlantic City that weekend.

2. We could screw up. We didn't have perfect grades in school (although we came close once in a while) and neither do we guarantee perfect work here. So please read with caution and when reading about risky situations read between the damn lines.

3. We change our minds without notice. We listen to the market and hence we may sell something we like because the market is moving against us. Managing money is harder than writing about it, and if you don't think you are up to the task, call JP Morgan.

4. We ain't that smart. If we were, we would be REALLY rich and then we would not bother to run this site. So please realize the advice you read is worth the 5 cents we make from the banner ad. We don't ask for anything more (yet) and neither should you.

5. Advice here is not suitable for widows, orphans, or just about anyone else in particular. Your portfolio is yours to manage. We generally talk about high risk situations including mergers, distress, etc. The 'Risk' part of Risk Arbitrage is important.

6. We are not licensed brokers, and we are not offering financial or legal 'advice' i.e. we have no fiduciary responsibility. In fact, if you want responsibility of any kind, talk to your parents (or ours: they are great guys). Treat this as food for thought, and invest at your own risk.

7. While we are not out to lie to you, our sources may lie to us (never met anyone on Wall Street who told the whole truth and nothing but the truth), and hence what we say may turn out to be patently untrue. If you think Wall Street is full of saints, there's a bridge over the River to Brooklyn we would like to IPO….

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