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Research Notes

Apr 2015 Do Robots Dream of Central Bankers?
Oct 2014 Anatomy of a Recession, Russia Un-federated, Germany Rearmed
Jul 2014 The Gods vs. The Federal Reserve
Sep 2013 Orange May Not Be The New Black, But China Is The New Greece
Apr 2013 The Power of a Good Nap Leads to a Sharpe Ratio of 3+
Dec 2012 Equity Commits Hara Kiri, The End of the Beginning of Europe, The Beginning of the End of Global Macro, and ‘Active’ Money Management
Sep 2012 Japanese Valuations, Feudalism, Keynesianism, and a Worthless Euro
Jun 2012 Cheap Money, Expensive Love, and The Bundesbank
Dec 2011 Sex, Lies, and Inflation: Ist Unser Geld Verloren?
Dec 2010 A Tale of a Bubble's Tail
Apr 2010 Athens' Second Sin
Feb 2010 The Fed's Bollywood Romance, and The Mercantilist War with China
Dec 2009 The New Bolshevik Revolution, and the Opportunity for a Second Act in American Life
Nov 2009 Houston, We Have Beta
Aug 2009 The End of Anglo Saxon Capitalism​, The Decline of the Dollar, and All That Nonsense
Jul 2009 Double Dippin’
Jun 2009 The Return of Free Cash Flow
May 2009 The New Skinny Bitch
Jan 2009 Investment Risk in an Age of Deflation

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