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SectorMarket To ModelTotal FirmsMarket Cap ($ bn)Avg. Market Cap ($ bn)EV to RevenuePrice to FCFBeta
Transportation Services311211211.0893.313.8
Offshore Rigs Leasing1.5951433.117.31.6
Oil Gas Drilling & Exploration1.59193921.413.51.4
Oil & Gas Transportation Servi010000 
Diversified Utilities1.5213193191.6767.312.6
Exploration & Production1.2911155141.019.71.5
Independent Oil1.268225281.614.32.6
Independent Oil & Gas1.1725586231.170.91.4
Integrated Oil & Gas1.10241,956820.424.50.9
Independent Natural Gas1.0911118111.3451.71.4
Equipment Manufacturing1.04179790.324.66.5
Oil Gas Equipment & Services1.032716360.51031.11.2
Onshore Rigs Leasing1.0151630.9291.7
Oil & Gas Pipelines0.9826390151.528.90.7
Retail Marketing Company0.911550.31102.22.0
Oil Gas Refining & Marketing0.8620257130.221.80.7
Equipment Leasing - Other0.79658100.711.21.4
Gasoline Stations0.633210.460.8
Note : All Ratios are Weighted by Market Cap.
        All ratios are Sector Averages.
        EV = Enterprise Value.
        FCF = Free Cash Flow.
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