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Financial Services

SectorMarket To ModelTotal FirmsMarket Cap ($ bn)Avg. Market Cap ($ bn)EV to RevenuePrice to FCFBeta
REIT-Specialized-Correctional 1.812521.012.81.1
Equipment Leasing - Other1.72158580.711.28.5
REIT - Residential1.54244223.2122.80.7
Shipping-Oil & Gas1.461113.910.41.4
REIT - Diversified1.4076493.460.70.3
REIT - Healthcare Facilities1.38554113.820.40.4
REIT - Office1.36119193.754.40.7
REIT - Industrial1.26493232.026.40.7
REIT - Retail1.24795144.725.30.6
Insurance (Miscellaneous)1.2221160.480.5
Electronic Trading Services010000 
REIT - Hotel/Motel1.1132581.3241.1
Airlines - Major1.07783120.41057.60.5
financial and commodity market1.04143431.320.10.7
Airlines - Regional1.026203340.4103.20.8
REIT - Residential & Commercia0.9141023.610713.70.3
Insurance - Life / Health0.884110280.29.10.6
Asset Management0.856182300.610.71.4
Diversified Investments0.85154540.520.50.7
Home Building0.76774110.1833.91.0
Property Casualty Insurance0.7412292290.319.77.2
Residential Construction0.71331100.315.21.1
Transportation Services0.7111211211.0893.313.8
Consumer Financial Services0.7143280.718.60.9
Insurance Brokers0.66142420.518.20.9
Real Estate Operations0.52225121.900.6
Investment Services0.311121120.725.12.8
Note : All Ratios are Weighted by Market Cap.
        All ratios are Sector Averages.
        EV = Enterprise Value.
        FCF = Free Cash Flow.
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