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SectorMarket To ModelTotal FirmsMarket Cap ($ bn)Avg. Market Cap ($ bn)EV to RevenuePrice to FCFBeta
Networking Communication Devic1.6712542540.518.412.8
CATV Systems1.4512442441.2194.7
Wireless Tower Operations1.22280404.071.70.9
Telecom Services Integrated1.0914328230.717.60.5
Application Software1.0511,4701,4700.4225.724.7
Integrated Telecommunications 0.9811547501.0167.10.6
Diversified Communication Serv0.9239463150.730.72.7
Internet Service Providers0.841660.336.43.5
Communication Services0.82241201.130.82.2
Telecom Services - Domestic0.8013583452.421.00.7
Telecom Services - Foreign0.74463160.7645.80.7
Wireless Communications0.7313524400.5135.60.6
satellite services0.5521362.2372.70.9
Retail Marketing Company0.543520.31186.80.3
Note : All Ratios are Weighted by Market Cap.
        All ratios are Sector Averages.
        EV = Enterprise Value.
        FCF = Free Cash Flow.
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