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SectorMarket To ModelTotal FirmsMarket Cap ($ bn)Avg. Market Cap ($ bn)EV to RevenuePrice to FCFBeta
Telecom Services - Domestic1.3113556431.430.60.8
Communication Services1.27146461.134.74.4
satellite services1.26112122.410.81.2
Wireless Tower Operations1.13280403.941.60.9
Internet Service Providers1.13129290.750.37.8
Wireless Telecommunications Se1.101331.800.7
Application Software1.0511,7001,7000.4146.228.5
Telecom Services Integrated0.92151,8741250.7226.30.7
Integrated Telecommunications 0.8612441371.286.50.8
Diversified Communication Serv0.8531,0463490.875.92.9
CATV Systems0.7812112111.614.55.0
Retail Marketing Company0.684820.2927.20.9
Wireless Communications0.6714510360.578.60.7
Telecom Services - Foreign0.65587170.7442.60.7
Note : All Ratios are Weighted by Market Cap.
        All ratios are Sector Averages.
        EV = Enterprise Value.
        FCF = Free Cash Flow.
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