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Broadcasting Cable TV

       Total Market Capitalization of All Firms 139052 mm             
       Average Market Capitalization 27810 mm       
       Average Market to Model Ratio Weighted by Log of Market Cap 0.86       
       Standard Deviation of MM Ratio 0       
       Average Beta 1.11       
       Average EV To Revenue 2.91       
       Average Price To Free Cash Flow 511.32       
TickerCompany NameMarket To ModelMarket Cap ($ mm)EV to RevenuePrice To FCF% GrowthBetaAs Of
SKY.LSKY PLC1.133,4643.12510.260.79Dec 17
CHTRCharter Communications Inc1.077,8953.219.4111.23Jun 18
SNIScripps Networks Interactive, 1.011,6904.213.041.32Dec 17
VIABViacom, Inc.0.612,1911.77.711.48Jun 18
AMCXAMC Networks Inc0.53,8122.36.380.76Jun 18
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